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You can request an unlimited number of Surveys. Data can be used from a maximum of 3 years to present time. Data is sourced from the European Space Agency's sentinel constellation.


You can request as many surveys as you want but we can only do 1 survey at a time. It can take 3-4 days for 1 survey but more complex ones may take longer.


You receive a satellite survey of your site which includes satellite imagery, boundary lines, displacement maps, time-series analysis, velocity maps and interpretation.

Benefits of Satellite Surveys

Satellite data provides comprehensive, large-scale monitoring capabilities irrespective of weather or daylight, enabling timely insights for industries, environmental conservation, and disaster management. Its cost-effective and wide-reaching nature ensures consistent data acquisition over vast and inaccessible regions, enhancing decision-making and safety across various sectors.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Detecting subtle movements in buildings, bridges, roads, and other infrastructure, which can indicate potential structural issues.

Site Pre-assessment

Before initiating new construction projects, InSAR can help in assessing the stability of the ground and its suitability for construction.

Tunneling Impact

Monitoring ground deformation above tunneling routes to ensure that nearby structures are not affected.

Subsidence Monitoring

Mining activities, especially in underground mines or after mine collapses, can cause the ground above to subside. InSAR can detect and monitor these subsidence areas.

Slope Stability

Monitoring the pit walls for any signs of movement which can precede larger landslides or collapses.

Water Infiltration Analysis

Identifying potential areas where water might be infiltrating into a site

Reservoir Monitoring

When oil or gas is extracted, the reservoir's pressure can change, leading to ground deformation. InSAR can monitor these deformations, providing insights into the reservoir dynamics.

CO2 Sequestration Monitoring

For projects where carbon dioxide is captured and stored underground, InSAR can monitor the ground to ensure there is no unexpected movement or leakage.

Monitoring of Large-scale Projects

For projects such as dam construction, InSAR can monitor deformation or settling of structures.

Recent InSAR Surveys

West Angelas

We monitor the WestAngelas Mine, Australia


We monitor the Toromocho Copper Mine, South America

What other benefits of InSAR Satellite Surveys are there 

  • Early Warning System: Due to its precise deformation detection, it can serve as an early warning system for potential infrastructure failures in sectors like construction or oil & gas.
  • All-Weather Imaging: Unlike optical sensors, SAR can capture data regardless of weather conditions, making it reliable even in cloudy or rainy scenarios.
  • Day-and-Night Monitoring: SAR operates independently of sunlight, allowing for continuous monitoring regardless of the time of day.
  • ​Safety: Remote sensing reduces the need for on-site inspections in potentially hazardous areas, thereby enhancing worker safety.

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Hypervine is a 'Done for you' service.

We take the hard work out of processing satellite data and creating surveys so you dont need to.

Get Unlimited Satellite Surveys.

£4,750/month excluding VAT
Pause or cancel anytime 

1. Unlimited satellite surveys to measure ground, building or asset movements
2. One request at a time
3. Fixed monthly fee for Satellite InSAR Surveys
3. Survey from present to 3 years
4. Satellite data from European Space Agency
5. Satellite survey report that includes Displacement Maps:
                   Time-series Analysis
                   Velocity Maps
                   Reports and Interpretation
6. All for £4,750/month excluding VAT
7. Easy credit card payments
9. Pause or cancel anytime



Why wouldn't I just hire a Geospatial Engineer?

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level Geospatial Engineer now exceeds £70,000, plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Aside from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you're stuck paying for time you aren't able to utilize.

With the monthly plan, you can pause and resume your subscription as often as you need to ensure you're only paying your Geospatial Engineer when you have work available for them.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

Once subscribed, you're able to add as many Survey requests to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one.

How fast will I receive my Surveys?

On average, most requests are completed in just 4 days. However, more complex requests can take longer.

How does the pause feature work?

We understand you may not have enough work to fill up entire month. Perhaps you only have one or two requests at the moment. That's where pausing your subscription comes in handy.

Billing cycles are based on 31 day period. Let's say you sign up and use the service for 21 days, and then decide to pause your subscription. This means that the billing cycle will be paused and you'll have 10 days of service remaining to be used anytime in the future.

How do I request an InSAR Survey?

Hypervine offers a ton of flexibility in how you request surveys. Some common ways clients request is directly via email, sharing Google docs or wireframes, or even recording a brief video (for those who prefer not to write their briefs out). Basically, if it can be linked to or shared in almost any format you like.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Due to the complex, highly skilled and time intensive nature of processing satellite data we are unable offer refunds.

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